“But He’s Going to Cut on My EYE!”


A few years ago, I was going to have a ‘suspicious’ mole removed. No big deal–but it was located on my lower eyelid!!! Although I was going to have the surgery done by a wonderful (and good looking) plastic surgeon, needless to say I was more than a bit apprehensive about anyone, good looking or not, CUTTING ON MY EYE!

Early in the morning, the day before the surgery, I was holding my morning God conversation during my walk. I was plenty scared, and I am normally the cool and collected one so I’m telling you I WAS FREAKING OUT and I told God all about it.

No sooner had the thought–not words–but thoughts passed over my brain, before I could form the words to whine to God, than I became aware of three unseen beings walking along with me. Slightly startling. But why THREE? I could have been startled enough with just one! Well, three is a perfect number, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Or maybe it took a crowd to console me at that moment. Don’t know. All I know is that I instantly recognized that there were THREE angel-beings walking by my side. As is often my sign of confirmation that it’s truly a ‘God-moment’, I became overwhelmed and the tears came freely.

I have come to understand that if you want to know who your guardian angels are, simply ask for their names. You will get an answer eventually in some fashion, but you must ask.

What are your names?” I whispered. The reply came instantly. “Peace“. “Fear Not“.

But there are three“, I said. “Who is the third?

Immediately I heard “I AM.” It didn’t take me long to realize it.

T-H-E  I AM. It was Jesus.


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