Dry Spell.


Dry spell. I’ve often heard of writers having dry spells.

It’s been quite a while since any of my angels have appeared to me so clearly in the visual sense and every day I wonder if I will ever be blessed enough to see them again.

How odd. “Blessed enough”. How crazy and presumptuous to think I am ever NOT “blessed enough”. Wow. And then comes the dry spell once again.

What happens in a dry spell? One gets thirsty—and hungry– and starts looking around in the refrigerator for that bottle of cold water or in the cabinet—for chocolate.

So I started thinking about the great WHY. Why haven’t I been having angel visions so clearly and often as I had before? Did God turn off my “Go-Pro Vision Camera”? Or have I just gotten too caught up in the world of today and right now and what’s coming up that I have forgotten how to just slow down, breathe, and listen and wait—for God to speak and appear? Or, if I stop and think about it, have I been seeing and hearing the divine all along and simply have stopped writing it down every time? Oh NO! Have I been taking for granted that God will show up in my everyday life? Taking for granted those high-pitched tones in my ear that once startled me and alerted me to the presence of angels are now so frequent that I no longer am startled by them but bemused and peaceful?

As I sit here writing this blog they’re here again, variously pitched tones in my ear. First one ear then the other. The proverbial ‘ringing in my ears’? No. Different. Very different from the clogged ears of a cold or allergy or physical affliction. I have heard them when I am in prayer for someone. I have heard them when I am in a conversation about faith, or fear of what tomorrow will bring, or in a situation when I am looking for God’s comfort. The tone comes again, alerting me to their presence. It’s different than those movie-like visions I have previously experienced. This seems to be a constant in my life whereas the visions came at specific times and often during a worship service.

So for now I won’t try to overthink this blessing, but simply say thank you—for whatever way God wants to speak to me—and I will continue to listen.

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