“Hovering Grace”


Following the installation of our new Bishop, he came to my home congregation for his first ‘official’ visit. He is a wonderful man, filled with humility, humor and God’s amazing grace. He was preaching that day and ironically, following my experience at his installation, his sermon was on ‘Hovering Grace’.

This particular congregation is no stranger to the Spirit and various spiritual battles go on there frequently. However, the place and the people are wrapped in the presence of the Lamb.

Prior to the sermon, the lessons for the day are read, this time the readings were done by the pastor, a wonderful friend of mine. As she read, there appeared behind her an archangel, seven to eight feet tall, dressed in garments of copper and gold, his robes were made of an African print. He looked to be Ethiopian with beautiful features. He wore a wide gold collar and gold around his wrists. His wings were brilliant gold and fully extended behind him. I couldn’t breathe as I gazed on the sight. She finished the lessons, he disappeared from view. My friend later said that she could feel his presence there as she read. A confirmation again.

The sermon began, and the Bishop spoke of Hovering Grace. Just then, in through a closed window behind him, angels of all kinds and sizes came streaming in. They appeared and then in a mist were no longer visible.
That day also, I was wrestling with a decision and wanted confirmation from God as to whether I should do this thing that I felt called to do. I was deep in prayer, asking for direction when suddenly a strong breeze blew through the room, down the row of chairs where I was sitting and across me! My hands immediately became very hot and began to pound with each beat of my heart. I knew at that moment that I had received confirmation that the work of my hands would be blessed by the Father. As I looked up from my prayer, tears filling my eyes, I saw that the angels, visible once again, had encircled the entire room.

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