God’s Anointed: A Confirmation


In the Lutheran tradition, whenever a pastor is installed after being called to a church congregation, there is a beautiful service and all area Lutheran clergy are invited to be part of the procession into the sanctuary. The same holds true with the installation of a new Lutheran Bishop, on a larger scale.

When our new Bishop was installed, the service was filled with tradition, ceremony and a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. This man, called to this position, has God’s anointing. Following the reading of the lessons and reciting of the Creeds, following the questions and responses of the elect about duty and responsibility as Bishop, there was a period of prayers of intercession. Clergy came forward, laid hands upon him and prayed for various aspects of his new ministry journey. Prayers for vision, compassion and the presence of the Holy Spirit to surround him. During that time, the mass choir and congregation sang. The verses were sung by a fine tenor and the chorus sung by the congregation was “Veni Sancte Spiritus”, Holy Spirit come to us.

It was at that invitation that the angels appeared, covering the vault of the domed sanctuary, as if to join in the blessing, the sound of ‘hovering wing’ sweeping through the space. I looked around, wondering and wishing all present could see this breathtaking sight. Noticing no other reaction, once again, I held this vision within my heart. I knew God would ultimately show me how to share these marvelous things.


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