First Day of Summer and the Forest Beckons


The Summer Solstice June 21, 2014

There are times when I feel profoundly connected to the Earth, Sky, Water, Wind and Fire; the five elements in Chinese medicine and then I am compelled to write.

Then there seem to be long periods when the world interrupts and I am drawn back into the everyday and work and traffic and CNN and the latest world crisis and “what are the kids doing this weekend” kind of life. And the writing voice becomes silent.

And then I am given a few hours like today. Saturday morning. After I catch a few more minutes of delicious sleep, my then aching 59 year old body requires that I arise. With my beloved husband out of town until late afternoon, I have these hours stretching before me. Choices. Some are automatic; feed the dog, make the bed, have coffee and then…? There is so much to do that involves sitting at my computer to organize and compile lists for projects unfinished. I sit down long enough to download my iTunes library to my Android phone and then– MUSIC! Let the dancing begin! A worthy and silly pursuit to recapture a flash of my youth, but oh, what fun! To dance once again like no one’s watching (and the dog doesn’t care).

Time passes yet goes unnoticed but WAIT! The day is slipping away! The music stops and the bird calls beckon. It’s time to reconnect to my deepest core.  I take time to write the words and then–it’s time to go to the woods and refresh my spirit.

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