A Rainy Day Walk With Warren by Melissa (Nana) Dow

As the sun and light of the day lingers until nearly nine p.m. in the summer, even rainy days keep their grey-green glow.

It was such a summer evening in June and my grandson was restless and getting on his Mommy’s last nerve. He had already grabbed our 15 year old dog with both hands, taking several hairs with him. And after hurling his sippee cup across the dining room table and narrowly missing the laptop, it was time to re-direct him.

“Warren”, I said, “do you want to go outside with Nana?”

He nodded.

“Well then, put on your sandals and let’s go!” With some help from a grateful Mommy, he was ready.

It was a drizzling rain and warm. His first rainy- day walk.

I opened the great big golf umbrella much to his delight and he helped hold it over us both as we walked. He began a one-sided conversation of baby-babble, punctuated with periodic laughter, pointing at various things along the way, his beautiful, shining and upturned face filled with toddler joy.

As we walked, we saw the rain gutters noisy with rolling, rushing water.

“Bye-bye,” said Warren as he waved to the street grate.

Then, a puddle. I stepped in it. “Splash!”, I said.

He looked up at me, his eyes asking permission. “YAY!”,  I said. He immediately stomped his tiny, monkey-sandaled feet through the water and laughed.

We walked on and I began a story about a rainy day.

“It was a day just like this one when you were in London visiting the Queen, Warren.”

He listened attentively. I continued on with my story of the big room, the big chair, the tiny lady wearing the big crown. I told him about  the palace guard who wasn’t fazed by Warren’s excitement until he jumped up and down in front of the guard, splashing him from a rainy London-day puddle.

We stopped walking for a moment while I folded the ‘bumbershoot’—the umbrella.

“Warren, stretch out your hand. What’s that? It’s RAIN!”

He reached out his tiny, pudgy hand to feel the misty raindrops on his upturned palm. He once again looked up at me in amazement as his red hair and striped shirt were covered with mist. He said what I’m sure was ‘water’ in baby lingo.

I re-opened the umbrella and we continued our homeward journey, splashing boldly through each puddle along the way. It was a day I shall always remember. I hope Warren does, too.

(Laura and Warren)


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