Mama’s Story-Continued… by Melissa Dow


Mama’s third abdominal surgery was four days after the second one. At this point , although a firm believer in miracles, I knew her 80 year old body probably couldn’t survive this one. August 28th, 2012. My 36th wedding anniversary.

Just before her second surgery, when we could still talk to each other, Mom said, “Is this how it’s going to end for me?”

We had no answers but simply said, “I don’t know, Mama, only God knows that one, but this I can assure you: Whatever happens, we will walk through it together with you.” She knew that she would come out of the second operation on a ventilator for awhile. We also had promised that we would listen to her body because she wouldn’t be able to talk to us, to know if she was simply too tired to fight anymore. We would honor her wishes in that way. I told her again of my vision of comforting and protecting angels in the operating room with her the first time. We cried together and as I looked into her soft, weary brown eyes, I told her I loved her. It was to be our last conversation.

August 28th found me back in Iowa at the hospital, emotionally pulled in three directions. Our daughter was having outpatient surgery that day and it was my wedding anniversary. My husband and daughter quickly assured me that there was no question where I should be that day. Of course they were right.

Late afternoon surgery began and was to take several hours. The surgeon was so wonderful, skilled and caring. The waiting room was filled with all of Mom’s siblings, my aunts and uncles that I love so much. About 13 of us all together, and of course, Mom’s beloved Pastor and my brother.

Truly exhausted, I went into the restroom and bent over the sink in prayer and desperation.   ” I need something, Lord. I need a sign. I need it now.”

The prayer-plea was not even off of my lips when I saw the operating room again, but this time I was inside looking at the door. It was a brief vision but solid in my heart:

I saw Mama walking out of the operating room, an angel on each side of her. She turned for a moment, looking over her right shoulder at me and she was smiling!

Thank you, Jesus. One way or another, she is in your care and there will be healing. One way or another.

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