“And They Appeared Everywhere” by Melissa Dow


It was a Sunday morning and I was seated in the second row from the back on the aisle, pulpit side. I don’t recall at what exact point in the service that I saw them, I believe it was just after the Lord’s Prayer in the communion liturgy. My thoughts were on the prayer and as I raised my eyes back to the altar, in my peripheral vision I saw them. The angels.

They were all over the sanctuary and they hovered behind every person there as the congregants sat in their pews, unaware. Each one of the Heavenly host was smaller than an average adult and they faced the altar so I viewed them from the back. Their robes, as before, glowed incandescent white, pink and golden. I heard a sound that filled the air like the rush of a flight of birds-but it was them, It was the sound of “hov’ring wing”.

I can’t say exactly how long they stayed in view but I do know that as I began to question what I was seeing ( I always do-“o.k. God–is this real–or am I losing my mind?”) two separate families got up from their seats to go up to the front of the church for communion and each family had an infant in their arms. It was then that I received confirmation that what I was experiencing was truly from God. Each of those babies had three tiny angels–cherubs–hovering around them. Each had three–the symbol of the Triune God.


Each time I have one of these amazing experiences I ask, over and over: “Why ME, God? Why now? What am I to do with these visions?” My answer seems to be this-that I am to share them here and that whomever needs to read about them will be blessed by them. I am merely the messenger, and I know that these sightings were in effect preparing me for my mother’s death on September 4, 2012.

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