Our Daughter’s Birth, a Near Stroke, and the Comforting Hand of God -by Melissa Dow

I’ve done a blog about the voice in the back seat of my car that saved my life when I was 17 and the story of the ghost lady in my first boyfriend’s house; the story of my husband’s grandmother’s crossover into eternity and of seeing my dad in the days just after he died.

Moving forward along my timeline of strange occurrences,  I come to our daughter’s birth, a near stroke, and the comforting hand of God.

Seven years following my father’s death, 1988, found me in the middle of a difficult labor and delivery of our second child and a brush with death.  During the height of labor, my blood pressure went up while the baby’s heart rate went down. I was nearly at stroke level and was listening to my baby’s heartbeat slow to a near stop at the peak of each contraction. I could feel my own heartbeat pounding all along my shoulders and up my neck, getting harder and harder. Meanwhile, the medical personnel were getting serious-lots was happening around me. I saw them wheel in the “crash cart” and I heard my husband’s voice in a whisper at my side. Later, he would tell me that he was actually yelling not whispering at all– “LOOK at me!”–“Breathe with me!”–“LOOK AT ME!!”

All during this time I heard another voice-clearly-and I thought it was my husband. The voice said almost in a mantra to the rhythm of my heartbeat, “You’re alright, you’re ok, you’ll be fine…” as I felt finger pats all along my neck, like someone soothing me.

Our daughter was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and she was blue from lack of oxygen.  By God’s grace, she is now 24, a mother herself, and absolutely perfect. In the hours that followed her birth I reflected on the events of the night and how close I was to losing my life and hers. I also thought about the voice I heard and asked my husband about telling me I’d be fine, that I’d be ok. He just looked at me. It wasn’t him that told me those things and I am convinced that it was indeed my guardian angel.

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