1970- The Beginning of Weird

In 1970 I was a high school freshman enjoying my first ‘steady’ boyfriend. Why yes, children, it used to be called ‘Going Steady’ complete with exchange of high school class rings and maybe he would loan you his letter jacket….

OK. I’m old.

I was at my boyfriend’s house in the living room and his mom was there too. We had stopped by prior to going on a date. The house was an old two story home, perhaps nearly one hundred years old. Some time earlier, I had gotten a house tour and in one of the upstairs rooms, under a rug, was a dark reddish stain in the hardwood floor. He said they believed it was a blood stain from a death many, many years earlier. Spooky- and YUCCCH!

We were chatting about nothing in particular on that afternoon and this was awhile after my house tour. As we were talking, out of the corner of my eye I saw it. On the staircase landing, a mist, floating, it seemed, down the stairs. I turned and actually looked full on and there it remained. I turned to my boyfriend, startled and asked if he had seen ‘it’. Almost at the same time, he and his mother said, “Oh yes, she’s here again. We see her often.”

I don’t remember much after that but I do remember asking if we could leave for our date. Immediately!

1970-The beginning of weird.

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