A Prophetic Voice-In the Airplane Seat Next to Me- by Melissa Dow

I was waiting at the Jax airport to board a plane to D.C. for a meeting, people watching as usual. For whatever reason, I began to watch a woman as she walked  past two or three gates.  Oddly enough, the thing that caught my eye about her was her bright orange scarf that was edged with a very interesting lace. I watched her for awhile until my traveling partners arrived and drew my attention back to them and our trip.

As we began to board I noticed that this woman was also on our flight. We continued to board and I located my seat, an aisle seat with lots of leg room. Nice! I placed my carry on bag overhead and took my seat. My seat mate just happened to be the orange scarf woman! Coincidence? You be the judge…

We took off and both were silent for awhile. I then complimented her on her scarf, telling her that I noticed it long before she got to our departing gate. She told me the story of the scarf which had been acquired, along with several others of different vibrant colors, in Germany where she traveled for work. A bit more silence and she turned to me and said, “May I tell you something?”

My first inclination was to say, “No thanks, I don’t want to know you-not really-you see I’m just on this plane for a short while and I actually prefer to listen to my ipod while I travel to block out all of those conversations around me…” But instead I said, “Sure!” (what was I thinking??)

Her accent was German but clear. She proceeded to say that I was a very spiritual person because she got such a strong sense of God’s presence around me, much light. She said that I had such an aura of grace and peace. She went on to say that the path I was on I would continue to be very successful and God would prosper me. That she didn’t know anything about me but that God directed her to speak with me. I thanked her. She hoped that she had not alarmed me in any way. I just thanked her and assured her that it wasn’t the first time God had sent me a stranger to offer hope and a prophetic voice to me. She assured me that angels were all around me and illuminating my path. Wow.

I then began to tell her a little about the past year and that odd things, ‘visions’, had begun to occur more frequently for me, would catch me unaware and were somewhat unsettling although I knew for certain that they were ‘of God’ because I asked for clarification. She smiled and just nodded in affirmation. “You have the wisdom and the eyes to see”, she said. “God has blessed you”. There was such light in her eyes…

I asked what her work was that took her often to Germany and she said she was a minister who worked internationally. Just then the captain alerted us that we were about to land. I asked for her business card. ‘Soaring Eagle Ministries’.

(an aside) Since my ‘encounters’ have become more frequent, I have been asking God to give me clarity and direct my heart to information that is reliable. I began to read about angels and archangels, their names, purposes and anything that might give me some answers as to why me, why now. One of my favorite angel stories from the Bible has always been the annunciation to Mary of Jesus’ impending birth by the angel Gabriel……..

Back to the story: I thanked the German lady for her words for me. “May I ask your name?” I said.

“My name is Gabriele, here is my card. I would love to hear from you again and share your stories.”

Gabriele—Gabriel. Amazing. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. God had surprised and blessed me once again. OK Lord. You have my full attention. What’s next?

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