Regarding the Compulsion to Write…

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; Walk in it.'”  Isaiah 30:21

It is now October 2012. I have somewhat been avoiding the ‘compulsion to write’ because…well…some of the time has been very painful and some has been just—weird.

My Mom, Waneta, passed from this life into life eternal on September 4th. The most awful and beautiful day of my life. During the 2 weeks that my brother (and fellow blogger) Jeff and I spent at the hospital with her and at home together, God sent me some amazing signs and wonders.

While on an airplane some time ago, I decided to make a timeline to see for myself just how far back these weird occurrences have occurred. High school. 1971 actually. So here I go again, to try to include those of you who care enough to read this into my strange and unexplainable world. Coincidences? Imagination? You may say but I count it all pure gift. 

Are you a captive audience yet?



One thought on “Regarding the Compulsion to Write…

  1. Melissa,I’m so sorry to hear your mom passed away. Weird is how this happened to both of us in the same summer.You friend,Don

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