Why Did I Wake Up to “242”?



The most recent strange event was the night I was awakened from a sound (and I mean SOUND) sleep.

It happens once in awhile…when it does I believe that I am being directed to pray for someone and whether or not I know who that ‘someone’ is, God does. And so I say a prayer and then go back to sleep.

This particular night it was 2:42 a.m.

OK, so what?

What made this one of those weird times was that I’m usually very groggy when launched from a sound sleep. Not this time.

When I squinted at the clock and saw 2:42 I IMMEDIATELY thought of the street address and name of a lifetime family friend. It was her house number and she is about 90.

I knew that it would unnerve my mother considerably if I phoned her at that moment (she’s now 80) but I knew that our friend should be checked on. So, as usual, I said a prayer, left her in God’s arms and went back to sleep.

Next day, I phoned & spoke to my brother, asking him to have Mom call me when she was back from the hairdresser, a weekly event.

Mom and our friend had renewed their ‘get-togethers’ and now see each other every couple of weeks for lunches. As I said, friends for over 50 years, and another one of my ‘mothers’-I seem to have several.

Mom promised to call her right away and call me that evening to report. When she did we both were collectively amazed. Our friend had indeed earlier that week (I believe) had fallen back while getting out of her chair and broken 3 ribs!!

She was ok and one of her sons had been with her but she was in some pain. Mom promised to check on her again very soon and our friend promised to call if we could do anything for her.

God blesses us every day. It’s up to us to notice. And respond.

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