Our New “Normal” by Melissa Dow

  • “Old Normal”: Rising in the morning to a quiet house except for the smuffling of old dogs who need to go outside. Fairly uncluttered counters and nothing on the floor but some shoes kicked off upon entering the house. Bedroom doors rarely closed, television turned up for effect while watching a particularly dramatic movie, and laundry room generally under control.
  • “New Normal”: Two little feet running to the stairs in the morning calling ‘NANA!”, kid-friendly foods filling the pantry and refrigerator, counters quickly becoming a gathering place for toy cars, boats, trains and floors now hold several pairs of shoes, some of them very small. Toybox opened regularly and Dora and Thomas the Tank frequently seen on our television.
  • WARREN IS BACK-and we are thrilled!!

Last night our grandson, nearly 3 yrs old, returned from a three-month visit to his dad on the other side of the country. Needless to say, not only had he grown exponentially, but his tiny little body clock is three hours earlier than ours on this side of the continent.

They arrived at the airport at 6:30 p.m. after getting up to go the airport at 4:00 a.m. that morning from dad’s home. L-O-N-G day for a small person. Think he’d be a wee bit tired? Nope. WAY too excited about seeing “Mommy, Nana, Papa, puppies, cars, toys, EVERYTHING!!

Bear in mind that when he left April 1st, he was a little boy still on toddler legs, still needing a high chair, still struggling to simply get his young point across.

Three months later, (and I must add, with LOTS of work and teaching moments from his dad and dad’s partner), we now have a rambunctious little B-O-Y that does much better when he’s running, jumping, throwing himself, WWF style onto the couch, chair, bed, ottoman, anything that appears soft and bouncy. A little boy who loves his cars, trains, bugs (even tho ‘they bitechu’) and baby toads.

He once readily gave kisses when asked, now he pushes you away and says no. Then he gives you a grin and a sideward glance. He will also tell you when it is time for him to eat dinner and when it’s night-night time.

Oh sweet boy, our new chapter is just beginning. We’ll remind you of how much your daddy loves you. We promise to take lots of videos and photos so he can continue to watch you grow as we did while you were away. You will teach us the joy of simple things again and we will remember why being a grandparent is an amazing and precious journey.

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