Who Knows What She’ll Write Next? by Melissa Dow

There are two ways to live your life. One, is to live like nothing is a miracle. The other is to live like everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

I deciced to write this “blog” (still think it’s a weird word) because more and more these days strange stuff is happening in my life that can only be explained as miraculous. Stories and events that I see as pure gift from the hand of God.

I’ve been keeping a journal off and on for many years, chronicling life events, past hurts, joys, births and re-births. I have been dogging my husband to write a book for years. It now seems as if God is urging ME to write and stop bugging my spouse. So I begin here-in cyberland. I have no idea where we will go with this, but perhaps the things I come up with may amuse or amaze. We will see. Thanks for walking this road with me. Let’s see where it takes us… “Solo de Gloria” to God be the glory.

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